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    neurologist - writer - teacher - investigator

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    Lester Leung

    I am a Vascular Neurology fellow and House Officer of a teaching hospital associated with Harvard Medical School. I am a clinician and primary Neurologist for my patients, a teacher and mentor for my students, and an investigator seeking to improve the medical care of patients with neurologic disease.

    I am a writer. My current project, Your Health, is a collection of educational materials for my patients to help them understand neurologic conditions. My previous longterm project was Apollo Medicinae Doctor, a weblog with practical wisdom for residents and students.

    Outside of medicine, I enjoy biking and hiking throughout New England and other areas around the world with my wife. I am also an avid homebrewer, favoring quality and the enjoyment of company over excess.

  • my past

    Education: Harvard University (A.B. Biological Sciences), Tulane Univ. School of Medicine (M.D.)

    Prior Employment: NEJM (summer intern), Next Generation (founder, Editor-in-Chief), Harvard School of Public Health (research assistant), NIH (summer research fellow)

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    Prior Residency Projects:
    - Develop resident teaching tools to facilitate teaching on the neurology ward - creating the Neurology Resident Teaching Series, member of an Academy of Medical Educators
    - Creation of an introductory summer series of lectures for junior Neurology residents - the first "Neurology Boot Camp" at my residency program
    - Teaching neurology to Emergency Medicine and Internal Medicine physicians

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  • the future

    Current Objectives and Implementations
    [ ] Standardizing discharge practices to meet the ASA/AHA's "Get With The Guidelines" objectives - created/implemented a Core Measures checklist, created/developing a Discharge Timeout
    [ ] Systematic education for Neurology residents on the standard of care for hospitalized patients with acute ischemic stroke and intracerebral hemorrhage

    Research Interests
    [ ] Cardiovascular determinants of stroke incidence and severity
    [ ] Stroke in young adults (ages 18-45): developing new treatment strategies, long term medical management, prediction and reduction of stroke recurrence
    [ ] Pediatric stroke survivorship (after 18): long term medical management, late complications, prediction and reduction of stroke recurrence
    [ ] Acute stroke management: recruitment and maintenance of collateral perfusion, augmentation of cerebral resistance to ischemic injury
    [ ] The connection between migraines, ischemic strokes, and seizures
    [ ] The detection, diagnosis, and management of posterior circulation strokes

  • contact

    Lester Y. Leung, M.D.

    Boston, MA, United States

    E-mail: lesterdropbox@gmail.com

    Please note that I do not provide medical advice over e-mail or other means of telecommunication for individuals who are not established patients in my practice. Any information provided on this site is for general educational purposes.